About us

Fennas Finance Ltd, located in Sydney, Australia, is building the modern partner for a global 200+ billion dollar industry. By building a truly unique portfolio of products and services including digital currency, Fennas is moving towards becoming a very important financial partner for the global direct selling industry. The combination of products are ideal to secure customer acquisition as well as recurring use of the payment services, including in the fast growing Chinese market.

How we are different

Fennas Finance is more than a payment provider. Our specialty is to closely work with our clients so that we can help them grow their business in a compliant and secure way. As receiving and sending money is the vital part of any business, our experience in payments for the MLM industry globally will help to secure your company’s positive development.

Who we are

Fennas Finance has a large network of internationally experienced people in areas like finance, money transfers, payment cards, business development, IT, legal and compliance. With this team we will always be able to assist your business to grow in a secure environment. You can use all or just parts of the services we offer, that is up to you.

What we do

Fennas Finance Ltd is primarily a payment services provider working globally with a number of payment solutions. In order to secure sustainable operations and maximum profit and security, we offer additional services based on your company’s needs. You can take advantage of our 25 years of experience in international business, compliance, MLM, IT and payments. Contact us and meet one of our account managers to discuss what you really need and what we can offer.

Know More About Fennas

Our strength is our intimate knowledge about global payment services, network marketing companies, IT and corporate developments. This makes Fennas Finance Ltd the perfect partner for MLM companies just starting their business as well as established companies who wish to streamline their payment operations.

The great mission

Fennas Finance Ltd wishes be a major global financial services partner building on the principles of Fort Knox, with gold backed currency and tailored services to the Direct Selling industry and those who regard Gold as a system for payment and value storage’.

The Process We Follow

Discuss your needs

You contact us with a description of your needs and your business model. We agree on the services you need, such as payments, prepaid cards, software, corporate services, support services etc.

Next Step


You send us the formal application with company documents, details of the owners and managers and a description of the services you need. We send you a proposal for an agreement and technical information if you need it. When we have agreed and signed this agreement, we go to the next stage.

Next Step


Our IT staff will send you all the necessary documents needed for implementation of our Fennas Payment Gateway and other services. If you have chosen to use our MLM software, the implementation is already done and you can start adding content to the site.

Next Step


Before you go live with our services, the account manager dedicated to your company will go through a full training with your staff so that you are fully prepared to manage the services when we go live.

Next Step


After having tested and made sure all systems are good, including updating your staff on all elements, we let you go live and your business can commence.

Next Step


We monitor all transactions for your own security and for your customers as well. We follow up with real time information about payments and people. Our goal is for you to have a problem free operation and a secure business.

Next Step

Fennas Payment Gateway

The Fennas Payment gateway is linked to different banks and processors to give our merchant customers the best secure payment services. The Payment gateway is also connected to the Fennas e-wallet system and allows customers to use funds in their e-wallet as payment for products and services delivered by the merchants who are linked to the payment gateway.

The Fennas Payment Gateway is PCI-DSS approved. The Fennas Payment Gateway is configured up to handle millions of transactions globally and is currently being translated into Spanish, French and german in addition to the default language of English.

The Fennas E-wallet

The Fennas e-wallet is used by the individual customers and is set up automatiacally and free when a person use Fennas as a payment method. The users may load their e-wallets to spend money with merchants affiliated via the Payment Gateway, they may send payments to each other, instantly and globally and they may transfer the money to their bank account.

The Fennas e-wallet is linked to a prepaid MasterCard card. The Fennas e-wallet is a superb solution for micropayments and global remittances.


When people deposit money in a bank account, they normally get from zero up to a limited amount to be insured against bankruptcy etc. The value stored as gold in the Fennas Gold Account is legally the property of the account holder and is therefore never a part of any estate owned by Fennas Finance Ltd and is not at risk to be included in a bankruptcy or other losses in Fennas Finance Ltd.

Fennas will seek to trade gold according to the standards for fair mining established by fairmined.org. The Fennas Gold Account will be linked to the e-wallet accounts. This means that gold will be treated as just an added currency and offer the most flexible conversion between gold and exchangeable currency in the world.

The account holders may:
- Send gold to anybody worldwide with a simple SMS command
- Receive gold from anybody globally directly to their Fennas e-wallet gold account
- Transfer funds between their fennas EUR e-wallet and gold e-wallet via Internet or with a SMS command
- Transfer funds from gold e-wallet to a prepaid MasterCard card for instant use globally.
- Require physical gold to be shipped to their preferred storage or to their home.

One important thing to distinguish Fennas Gold Account from other electronic gold accounts is the fact that the account holder is legally the owner of the gold. This protection is important and better than any bank can guarantee the deposits in an account.

The Fennas MLM software

The Fennas MLM software is marketed as a FREE MLM software for start-up MLM companies. Payments will start when the MLM company reach 100 members. Payments will then be based on a small payment per member per month.

Standard Package includes:
- Admin back office basic model
- Members landing page
- Members back office page
- Binary or unilevel structure
- Matching bonus system

Options (to be paid extra):
- Support module
- Editorial assistance - Per quote
- Translations - Per quote
- Member communication module
- Profit sharing pool module
- Stock trading module

The Fennas Prepaid Cards

A MLM company connected to Fennas Finance will be able to give all their members a prepaid masterCard card for them to receive their commissions.

The cards are accepted globally and can be used for payments online and in points of sales as well as in ATMs globally.

The Fennas Investment portal - Angel funding

Fennas Investment portal will offer a service based on Angel project fundings The angels in the Fennas system shall be primarily very successful MLM leaders and the projects should be related to the MLM sector primarily.

Selected MLM leaders may become Angels and head up a syndicate of investors to back projects related to the MLM industry. The benefit for the Angel will be that, as the leader of the syndicate, they may leverage their investments in the projects they select themselves. The Angel will choose a type of project or company to invest in, estimate how many investments they will make per year and promote this to their followers who then may take part in their investment pool.

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Our team includes great thinkers. you would love to work with them as they are just amazing people.